A guide for choosing trendy bridal gowns | How are they perceived in the media?

If you’re looking for high quality dresses that are trendy, in fashion and really popular, you need to do your research to make sure you find the best dress for the occasion. With a guide, you will be sure that you will get a perfect deal within the market. Here is a guide when choosing trendy bridal gowns and dresses:

  1. The design of the gowns 

You should be aware of the gown that you need especially when checking them out for the first time. With many designs are available on the market. You should be able to make the best choice when selecting these gowns for your wedding. How should you do this? You should make sure that you research these designs before making your decision especially when looking for that best gown you would wish for your wedding. When you compare the different designs, you will always understand the facts that will enable you get the best designs that would make your wedding amazing.

  1. The price of the gowns 

When looking for these gowns, you should ensure that you do have the facts right especially when acquiring the best deals. How can you save money when buying the gowns? When you do your research in the market, you will find the cost of these bridesmaid gowns and dreseses, thus enabling you get the best deals even as you do try to be able to find price ranges of the different retailers, both online and in store. You will be sure that you would have the quality that you would need whenever you want a good deal from these dealers. Through proper market research and comparison, you will be able to make huge savings.

  1. The theme of your wedding 

Different weddings often have different themes that you should understand especially when planning for dresses for the bridal party. During your wedding planning, you should be aware of your wedding theme, or how you want it to be perceived. This will play a large part in how you plan for dresses and gowns. Things to consider are the time of year (season), venue, guests, cost and above what you actually want yourself.

  1. The material of your gown

When purchasing gown, you should know the kind of material that will need when buying if you want your wedding day to stand out well. With many materials that you would need buy from the market, you should be aware of the deals that you would need especially when you want to impress your visitors. When you have no idea on how much money you would spend during the process of buying the gown, you should do your research well since this will enable you get the best deals when you need to make your wedding classic.

5. Wedding magazines and online is a good place to start

Probably the two most popular places to start planning is either jump online the popular wedding sites to see what’s in fashion now, or dive into the range of magazine available. What you have to be careful of is price. The media have made it normal to expect a wedding to be really expensive, so as organisers we tend not to question the price, and just accept it’s going to be pricey. However with some in depth research you can still have the wedding of your dreams if you do your due diligence.




Types Of Banners That You Can Use For A Fashion Business Promotion

A banner comes in various forms and deigns that can be used either indoors or outdoors to promote your business activity. They contain appealing massages through the use of slogans, pictures and even signs that you can use for your business. The more you are able to display the banner the more you target customers get to read and know about the business. As a marketer here are some types of banners that you can use for your business promotions;

  • Online banner

You can easily create your online banner from the scratch and still be able to make it colorful and appealing to your customers. There are apps that can help you achieve that easily and come up with creative banner that is animated with numerous slides. Online banner will enable you to attract traffic to the website your business.

  • Billboards

These are commonly used as they are found everywhere near roads and are strategically placed for people to see. Most billboards are huge and use pictures and slogans that can easily be seen from a distance.

  • Parade banner

Parade banner has a varying length and the height is about a foot which can then raised high to be supported with poles on sides or just fixed on a wall.

  • Podium ads

This type of banner is commonly used on live stage or broadcast that is aired live on TV where as a marketer you can use to promote your business.

  • Vinyl banner

This banner is considered to have durable material that can withstand various weather elements. You can easily design your vinyl banner and have it customized according to the size that you require.

Generally a banner will help you to stand out from others depending on how you setup you stand at a trade show or in any other event. Below are some ideas that you can use to set up a display stand for maximum exposure;

Outdoor banners for Australian fashion houses

  • Seek attention

You should announce you grand opening to the public by having a large and colorful banner at the entrance into your store. The banner should be durable that you can be able to use it for a while.

  • Indoor banner and posters

You can have banners and posters inside the stand that are attractive for people to see and read the massage. You can announce your special offers and promotions using the oversize posters. You can have both indoor and outdoor banners.

  • Avoid overcrowding

Overcrowding tends to make some potential customers to avoid your stand. You can do this by trying to have a bigger space and if possible have entrance and exit separate to avoid people from colliding.

  • Attractive decorations

Use some colorful bright carpeting at the entrance. You can try to attract kids as they will want to come to your stand and the parents will have to follow them. For signage you should use simple words and use attractive colors like red or blue.

  • Be engaged with people

Be engaging with people at your stand it will enable them to understand more about your stand and what you are offering. You can do this by answering their questions or educating them more about your products.

So You Want To Start A Fashion Blog? | My Tips + Experience

So You Want To Start A Fashion Blog? | My Tips + Experience

Since having a fashion blog. I frequently get asked questions about how did I get started and if I have any tips. Well this video is for you 😉

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✂ Q+A Working in Fashion, Moving to NYC

✂ Q+A Working in Fashion, Moving to NYC

I have As for your Qs regarding working in the fashion industry, how I got my fashion career started, moving to NYC, and dealing with long distance relationships.

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Super Model Exposes Discrimination Of The Fashion Industry

Super Model Exposes Discrimination Of The Fashion Industry

“There’s a reason makeup comes in so many different shades: Your unique skin shade and tone requires equally particular makeup application. What works for one person looks unnatural on another.

Yet even backstage at fashion shows, it seems many makeup artists are still unfamiliar how to adapt makeup for different skin colors, especially for darker-skinned individuals.

Sudanese model Nykhor Paul communicated her frustration as a dark-skinned woman in a largely light-skinned fashion industry, via Instagram post. Paul, 25, who has modeled on runways from Balenciaga to Vivienne Westwood, calls out makeup artists for their ignorance and unwillingness to accommodate diversity.” *

Karma Brown and Ana Kasparian (The Point) discuss on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

*Read more here http://mashable.com/2015/07/08/nykhor-paul-makeup-dark-skin/


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Alexa Chung Returns for More Fashion Industry Questions

Alexa Chung Returns for More Fashion Industry Questions

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How Bonobos Is Disrupting The Men’s Fashion Industry [Disruptive] | Elite Daily

How Bonobos Is Disrupting The Men’s Fashion Industry [Disruptive] | Elite Daily

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Who says there’s only one way to do something? Not Bonobos. The company disrupted the retail market and said, “Hey, there’s gotta be an easier way.” And if there’s anything a guy loves, it’s a way to make life easier.

Traditional retailers are burdened with stocking costs and space constraints, and customers are often overwhelmed with their experiences and frustrated with hearing, “Sorry, we don’t have your size,” about everything they actually want.

Bonobos revolutionizes the way traditional stores function. It’s the e-tailer’s answer to traditional retail – a hassle-free shopping experience with highly personalized customer service.

It offers a full selection of men’s clothing online and invites customers to complimentary Guideshop experiences with stylists to try on the collections in person so they can find the fits and styles perfect for them. Guys can order clothing off the website, and their purchases are shipped home. They can leave the store bag free.

Shopping has never been so… easy.

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